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Mental Benefits of Wrestling

By B.O.W., 09/13/17, 2:30PM CDT


Benefits of Wrestling

Wrestling Improves Overall Athletic Performance and Builds Character

Benefits of Wrestling


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Mental Benefits

There is a particular type of mental toughness that a few professions share.  Police Officers and Pilots are two great examples of a mindset that can be developed through training and competing in the sport of wrestling.

Both Cops and Pilots are required to have incredible discipline and patience, and to stay focused on the task at hand despite competing priorities and distractions.

Each must possess the ability to go from zero to full throttle at a moments notice, and in doing so must exert a level of control that has no room for uncontrolled action or aggression.

These characteristics, also common to success in many other areas of life, effectively describe the traits that are developed through amateur wrestling competition.

Wrestlers develop mental toughness, and the ability to effectively and productively deal with adversity.  Any successful wrestler has had their share of humiliating and painful defeats, but they have all learned to get up, evaluate how to improve and achieve a different outcome, and work hard to make that outcome a reality.

Different than in many team sports, wrestlers develop self-reliance, self-discipline, unshakable confidence, and the ability to display mental and physical aggression in controlled bursts.

Prior to a match, it is not uncommon to find a wrestler completely in the “zone” and able to tune out any distractions.  This ability to focus 100% on the task at hand and to visualize what success requires before stepping onto the mat would be beneficial to anyone in any walk of life.

In addition to making better individuals, wrestling also teaches the power of teamwork.  As many meets are also team competitions, wrestlers learn to step up to compete, or to let a teammate take a match when it would improve their team’s chances of success.

Show me a wrestler, and I’ll show you someone disciplined and poised who understands how to set a goal and deal with the inevitable adversity along the road to achieving that goal.